Penny Brandon

Contemporary Watercolor Artist, Sarasota FL   941.328.9225


uniquely layered
& vibrant

brilliant wildlife
scenic imagery

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  • Sandhill Crane

    "Sandhill Crane"   Birds Series

  • frog

    "Leap Frog on Lilly"   Tropical Flowers Series

  • Key West Rooster

    "Key West Rooster"   Tropical Life Series

  • Sea Garden

    "Sea Garden"   Sea Life Series

  • snow leopard

    "Snow Leopard"   Animals Series

  • Flower Shop

    "Flower Shop"   Other Places Series

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from Penny...

I hope you will enjoy the brilliant colorful look I am able to achieve in watercolor. With my specialized glazing technique in adding layers of color, I can create a vibrant depth of color and still obtain a transparent look. I have also created a more unique stylized look in my paintings such as foliage in the subjects that I choose to portray.

"My purpose is to give you a positive, happy, and relaxing atmosphere so you can escape for a moment in time from thoughts of the busy life styles of today."  on a happy note....

About the Artwork

  • Brilliant Color
  • Natural Beauty
  • Rich Scenery

Penny's is a unique watercolor layering technique which creates intense depth of color within lush tropical settings filled with enchanting foliage and wildlife.

Her work is stylized, reflecting a desire to share the joy of nature's lustrous beauty.

Award Winning Artist

On-going Studies
  • Ringling School of Art + Design
  • Art Work Shops
Recent Showings
  • Englewood Art Center
  • Sarasota Art Center
  • Venice Art Center
  • Area Art Festivals
Published Works
  • Venice Magazine
  • Island to Island Palm Pages


Original Works

Would you like to own an original piece of Ms. Brandon's Artwork? Collectors may contact the artist for further information.


Limited Edition GiClée's are available in larger sizes of 17" x 23" and 22" x 30" unmatted.

Fine Art Prints

All lithograph images in gallery are standard matted sizes of 11" x14" and 16" x20".


Blank notecards with envelopes are available in certain images.